Mommy and Me Style


The most requested topic that many of you fellow mommies request is #mommy&me outfits with the kiddos. I love that you guys like them and are interested in how I achieve our looks , so I decided to share some looks with you guys. Whether you want exact matching outfits or color coordinated ones, there isn't a wrong way to do it as long as you have fun with it. The way I choose outfits depends on the event we are going to. If I am going on vacation, I usually pick my outfits first and go on the hunt for similar colors or prints for the kids. For instance, these striped pants I had and figured let me look for a green striped dress for girls and this popped up and I end up getting lucky because they had boy overalls. Patterns can be easy to find matching items and colors ie.( Gingham and stripes). Remembering the clothing I have is also important because when I am shopping online or in store, I can see something for the kids that I know will match. Check out some great finds below for you and your little ones and stay tuned for some more looks from us.

Peace & Love